AquaDom in der Lobby des Radisson Blu Hotel im DomAquarée Berlin.

Must-see sights

An exciting blend of different tourist attractions with the highlight AquaDom that was completly modernized in 2020.

Refurbishment AquaDom - A look behind the scenes

CityQuartier as an international meeting place

Still looking for things to do in Berlin? Because the popularity of its tourist attractions extends far beyond the city limits, DomAquarée CityQuartier is constantly evolving as a tourist and cultural centre. Berlin attractions AquaDom, SEA LIFE Berlin and the GDR Museum draw visitors from around the world.

A fascinating destination

As a modern counterpoint to its surroundings, DomAquarée is a positive addition to Berlin, adding to the vibrancy of the historic city centre. Some of the most popular attractions in Berlin, such as the GDR Museum, AquaDom and Sea Life Berlin, attract well over a million visitors to the CityQuartier every year.

  • Image 1: Berlin attraction AquaDom in the atrium at DomAquarée Berlin
  • Image 2: Close-up view of Berlin attraction AquaDom and Radisson Blu Hotel at DomAquarée.
  • Image 3: Hotel bar beneath the Berlin attraction AquaDom in the lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel at DomAquarée.
  • Bild: Taucher im AquaDom des DomAquarée.
  • Image 5: Overhead shot of the hotel lobby and bar beneath the Berlin attraction AquaDom at DomAquarée.

The world’s largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium

The glazed AquaDom elevator travels through a 14 metre high cylinder filled with water. Approximately 1,500 exotic fish swim around a genuine coral reef.

In 2020 the AquaDom was successfully refurbished and modernised.
For the upgrading work carried out, the water was drained completely from the huge tank. The AquaDom’s fish were moved temporarily to aquariums in the basement of DomAquarée. The basement contains a breeding and care facility for the fish that is also used during normal operation of the AquaDom. Expert biologists and aquarists provided support throughout the entire process. Have a look behind the scenes in our short video documentation.

Video documentation | Modernisation AquaDom

  • Image 1: Visitors to Berlin attraction Sea Life at DomAquarée.
  • Image 2: A popular activity in Berlin: visiting Sea Life.
  • Image 3: Berlin attraction Sea Life and reflection of the television tower in a window of DomAquarée.

SEA LIFE Berlin: Maritime encounters of a special kind

The amazing underwater world with 35 water tanks and over 5,000 animals is now firmly established as one of Berlin’s major attractions. Discover all about the native species living in German waters – from the source of the Spree to Wannsee lake, right up to the Baltic coast and into the depths of the Atlantic. Find out what Sea Life in Berlin has to offer.

  • Image 1: River Spree and entrance to Berlin attraction GDR Museum in the DomAquarée building.
  • Image 2: A popular attraction in Berlin: the GDR Museum at DomAquarée
  • Image 3: GDR Museum
  • Image 4: The GDR Museum
  • Image 5: The GDR Museum.
  • Image 6: Berlin attraction GDR Museum.

GDR Museum: History with a modern twist

The interactive permanent exhibition “History with a modern twist” enables the visitor to experience up close the everyday life of people in the former East Germany. With approximately 580,000 visitors a year, the GDR Museum is one of the most visited Berlin museums and most popular tourist attractions in Germany. Find out what the GDR Museum in Berlin has to offer.

Shopping and recreation in a cosmopolitan atmosphere

With its transparent roof, Heiligegeistgasse passage is like a cathedral for our modern times. This is the place to discover the unusual and exceptional, such as quirky Berlin design and distinctive souvenirs. Treat yourself to specialities from the four corners of the globe: Berlin currywurst, international cuisine, ice cream, coffee or cold drinks.

  • Image 1: Fountain in Heiligegeistgasse courtyard at DomAquarée Berlin.
  • Image 2: DomAquarée’s Heiligegeistgasse passage with shops and restaurants at night
  • Image 3: Enjoy a coffee at DomAquarée in Berlin after visiting one of our attractions.
  • Image 4: Busy cafés and restaurants at DomAquarée in Berlin.
  • Image 5: Overhead shot of tables in Heiligegeistgasse passage in DomAquarée Berlin.
  • Image 6: Visit the Ampelmann shop at DomAquarée Berlin after you enjoyed our attractions.
  • Image 7: Terrace at DomAquarée Berlin.
  • Image 8: A set table by the Spree river.

Discover the wide selection of attractions at DomAquarée Berlin.

Radisson Collection Hotel: A relaxing ambience and sea views

You can enjoy spectacular views of Berlin Cathedral and the river Spree from many of the 427 rooms and suites in the Radisson Collection Hotel. Perhaps even more breath-taking is the view of Berlin attraction AquaDom’s saltwater aquarium from the internal rooms.

  • Image 1: An outside shot of the Radisson Blu at DomAquarée Berlin.
  • Image 2: An external view of the Radisson Blu at DomAquarée Berlin.
  • Image 3: Berlin attraction AquaDom and Radisson Collection lobby at DomAquarée.
  • Image 4: Lobby of Radisson Collection Hotel at DomAquarée Berlin.
  • Image 5: A standard room in the Radisson Blu at DomAquarée Berlin
  • Image 6: Overhead shot of the lobby of the Radisson Blu at DomAquarée Berlin.
  • Image 7: The welcoming lobby of the Radisson Blu at DomAquarée Berlin.

The Atrium bar in the lobby invites guests to linger after enjoying the Berlin attractions at DomAquarée and the Balaustine restaurant can be accessed from the lobby. Here a warm ambience awaits guests with an open show kitchen, original Indian tandoori clay ovens, a pizza oven and lava-stone barbeque.

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