Lighting up Berlin

28 Sept. to 14 Oct. 2018

From 28 September to 14 October 2018, the city quartier DomAquarée presents again a high-carat light spectacle in the context of the "Berlin Lights". The highlight is the daily 3D mapping show, in which a Trabi takes an imaginative journey through Berlin. After assembly, the Trabi first passes through the streets of Berlin. Then the Trabi learns to fly and finally explores the depths of the seas. Accompany the Trabi on his journey through time and space.

3D mapping show

Lighting up Berlin at DomAquarée

Time: Each day between 7 and 10 pm
Place: In the middle of the Heiligegeistgasse at the city quartier DomAquarée

Gigantic lightshow

The facade will be used as the canvas for an impressive lightshow. 5.000 indiviudal light points of the gigantic LED-wall are going to illuminate the building.

Berlin leuchtet e.V.

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Impressionen from 2015/2016